Back in 1981 , my father bought me my first Canon. Since then I have been in love with photography. The direct connection between me and the lens made me realize that the ability to see the right angle and light in every frame, must become my mission and  procession.

I quickly began to translate the client's needs and goals into images with exciting message and content.

Operating the most advanced digital studio in town, and with high technical skills, I enable my clients to transform their vision and creativity into polished images.

Dozens of companies, advertising agencies, marketing managers and designers today, enjoy professional, fast and attentive service.

Among my clients: Aroma-Israel, Soho, Karnaf, Falafel baribua, The-Sushia, Sushi-Bazel, Berger King, Baraka, Tadiran, Hot, Keshet, Reshet, Channel-10, Partner, Tidhar, Brosnir, Gindi, Graphic designers, branding studios, corporate marketing managers and more.


My main areas of photography are:
food , products, jewelry, advertising and social networks, architecture and interior design.

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